Here is a list of some of the people who have helped made this site possible.


We owe most of everything to suitsizesmall for all his dedication in running and updating labyrinths, as well as keeping up with the path of exile community. We’re glad to have him as part of the team!


We owe a lot to Zolarius. He has provided a lot of his personal time in teaching us how to develop websites as well as coding. 


Wyrelade has dedicated hard work and time on various things such as the original background, banner and many other things that have helped progress the website to better suit the community. It was a pleasure working with him.


MostBrilliant helped develop images related to the POELaB Twitch Stream and provided us with his guidance through website design and graphics. 

Honrorable mentions:

Zolarius, TrapsonTraps, GoogaNautGod, MauranKilom, Qwixy, BasementKnight, Gelonic, Wicked, Dicey

Donators and their submitted content:

Pablo Garcia H.

The Paleo Gamer



Youtube Channel: Angry Rage

Other Donators

Etienne Gemsa, Sam Syed, Etienne Gemsa, Peter Dawes, Thomas Jeffers, Richard Brock, Karl Tharp, Michael Wulf, Mark Elliot

Streamer Shout-outs:

Some streamers have helped with running the labs and creating their layout images, in the past. They are as follows…

Twitch Handles

Pajama_monster, changing_games, zartla (big help), morrslieb, ichewspit (big help)