Conquer The Lord's Labyrinth

Below, you will find a variety of links and resources that we have compiled to further assist you in your navigation throughout The Labyrinth. Explore as you please, exiles…

Trials and traps: Lab-specific content

If you want to enter The Labyrinth, you must first pass the six trials that are scattered throughout Wraeclast. Each act has a corresponding number of trials. Act 1 has 1, Act 2 has 2, and Act 3 has 3. This is where the player will first encounter the various traps that are compiled within The Labyrinth.

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Do you even Lab, Bro?

There are a variety of incentives for running The Labyrinth. 

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Is Izaro harder than you hoped?

If you’re struggling to defeat Izaro, you’re not alone.
Click here to watch an in-depth video for some tips on fighting him.

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Not sure what enchantments are available?

One of the primary incentives for completing The Labyrinth is acquiring the ability to enchant your gear. Check out the following links below to see the list of possible enchantments.

Boot Enchantments

 Helmet Enchantments

Glove Enchantments

What is a Mysterious Darkshrine?

Mysterious, indeed. These Mysterious Darkshrines can be considered a double-edged sword. After activating one of these shrines, your screen will show a brief message. This message correlates with a specific effect/modification to either the entire Labyrinth or just the current area. 

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Like being competitive?

Grinding Gear Games has decided to implement a leader-board to keep track of the fastest Labyrinth runners everyday. Care to see who’s on top? 

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Not familiar with such things as doors, keys, or chests?

To help you better understand the various doors, keys, and chests that appear throughout The Lord’s Labyrinth, we have compiled a page for you to check out.

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What do those do?

Each Izaro fight (“phase”) offers its own particular challenge. Some phases present monsters to fight, such as lieutenants while others buff Izaro himself, such as idols. The third phase always presents a series of traps such as spikes and darts. If you destroy the source of the buff or disable it, the phase will not be present on the following phases. Alternatively. you can earn Treasure Keys by letting Izaro become buffed. 

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Can you keep a secret?

Grinding Gear Games created several various “secrets” that are scattered throughout The Labyrinth. Unlike other hidden gems, you can actually find information pertaining to these secrets on the internet… 

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More Lab Basics

If you’re not sure about some basic, general lab-related concepts or content, the wiki can help.

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