Doors, Keys, and Chests

The labyrinth contains various doors, keys, and chests. Each contains its own special contents. Below, you will find a compiled list of each one that you may encounter within the labyrinth.

Silver Chest

Contains a Silver Key that is used to open a Silver Door.

Golden Chest

Contains Golden Key that is used to open a Golden Door.

Golden Key inscription:

“This item is required to open a Golden Door located in the Labyrinth. This item will drop on the ground when leaving the Labyrinth.”

Silver Door

Silver Doors may only be opened using a Silver Key. They guard treasures such as loot chest or Mysterious Darkshrines.

Silver Key Inscription:

“This item is required to open a silver door located in The Labyrinth. This item will drop on the ground when leaving The Labyrinth.”

Golden Door

Golden Doors can only be opened using the Golden Key. They block the pathway forward. The only way around these doors are by using secret passages (note that not all secret passages bypass golden doors, only some).

Izaro's Treasure

Izaro’s Treasure Chests are random “loot” chests located at the end of The Labyrinth. These require a Treasure Key to open, which are obtainable from Izaro, Argus, and the Curious Lockbox. Izaro’s Treasures are able to drop such things as 

  • “Quality Currencies”(Artisan Strong Box Equivalent), Can have more than 1
  • Jewelries(Jeweler’s Strongbox Equivalent)
  • Currencies(Arcanist Strongbox Equivalent) Can have more than 1
  • Random Loot including 2 extra Treasure Keys(Strongbox Equivalent) 
  • Quality-ed Skill Gems(Gem Cutter’s Strongbox Equivalent)(UBER ONLY) Can have more than 1 at a time.
  • Random Level Maps(Cartographer’s Strongbox Equivalent)(UBER ONLY)
  • Corrupted Loot (Corrupted Strongbox Equivalent)(UBER ONLY) 2 variations, can have more than 1
  • Item Level 84 Strongbox(UBER ONLY)
Decorative Chests

Contains one out of eight different Trinkets that is used to aid in the following Izaro fight/phase. Each forgotten reliquary contains one of these chests (and resulting trinket). For your convenience, the eight possible trinkets are listed above, right beside the image of the decorative chest.

Silver Door Chests and other Chests

Below, a compilation of all chest that are found within The Labyrinth, can be found.