List of Glove Enchantments

“Gloves can be enchanted with effects that trigger a Word skill during combat. Word skills cannot be modified by support gems, and have a short cooldown between activation”

Detailed view of glove enchants

Below, you can see the mods and animations relating to each glove enchant.

Name ilvl Effect(s)
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit1 32 Cast Word  of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit2 53 Cast Edict  of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit3 66 Cast Decree  of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit4 75 Cast Commandment  of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit1 32 Cast Word  of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit2 53 Cast Edict  of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit3 66 Cast Decree  of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit4 75 Cast Commandment  of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit1 32 Attack with Word  of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit2 53 Attack with Edict  of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit3 66 Attack with Decree  of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit4 75 Attack with Commandment  of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill1 32 Cast Word  of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill2_ 53 Cast Edict  of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill3 66 Cast Decree  of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill4 75 Cast Commandment  of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit1 32 Attack with Word  of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit2 53 Attack with Edict  of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit3 66 Attack with Decree  of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit4 75 Attack with Commandment  of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill1 32 Cast Word  of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill2 53 Cast Edict  of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill3 66 Cast Decree  of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill4_ 75 Cast Commandment  of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit1 32 Attack with Word  of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit2 53 Attack with Edict  of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit3 66 Attack with Decree  of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit4 75 Attack with Commandment  of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit1 32 Attack with Word  of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit2 53 Attack with Edict  of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit3 66 Attack with Decree  of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit4 75 Attack with Commandment  of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit1 32 Cast Word  of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit2 53 Cast Edict  of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit3 66 Cast Decree  of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit4 75 Cast Commandment  of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit1 32 Attack with Word  of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit2_ 53 Attack with Edict  of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit3 66 Attack with Decree  of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit4 75 Attack with Commandment  of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit1 32 Cast Word  of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit2_ 53 Cast Edict  of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit3 66 Cast Decree  of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit4 75 Cast Commandment  of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill1__ 32 Cast Word  of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill2 53 Cast Edict  of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill3 66 Cast Decree  of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill4 75 Cast Commandment  of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill1 32 Cast Word  of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill2 53 Cast Edict  of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill3 66 Cast Decree  of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill4 75 Cast Commandment  of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill1 32 Cast Word  of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill2 53 Cast Edict  of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill3_ 66 Cast Decree  of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill4 75 Cast Commandment  of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit1 32 Cast Word  of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit2 53 Cast Edict  of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit3 66 Cast Decree  of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit4 75 Cast Commandment  of Winter when Hit


Here is an example of a glove enchantment.

Notice that the enchant takes place of the implicit mod.