Labyrinth Incentives

Incentives vary for completing The Labyrinth.  A compiled list is provided below.

Ascendancy Classes and Points

     A player must complete The Labyrinth in order to gain access to the additional Ascendancy classes and their respected nodes within the skill tree. The first completion allows for a player to select their desired ascendancy class, and allocate their first two ascendancy points. Each character class has three Ascendancy classes to choose from excluding the Scion, which only get one. Each character reaches Ascension by choosing one of three classes. Completing the Labyrinth for each difficulty (Normal/Cruel/Merciless/Uber) grants the player two points, per difficulty resulting in a total of eight Ascendancy points. The primary incentive for running the Labyrinth is obtaining these Ascendancy Points.

Ascendancy Class Overview

Here is a screenshot from the wiki that provides an overview listing for each class and its respective ascendancy classes. For more information about ascendancy classes, click here.

Enchanted Items

Enchantments are another primary incentive for running the lab. Enchantments are only obtainable by using the Divine Font, found at the end of each lab. The harder the difficulty of lab run, the better the rolls for an enchantment. Normal labs only allow for boots to be enchanted. Cruel allows for boots and gloves. Merciless and uber allows for helmets, boots, and gloves; with uber’s rolls for mods being only slightly better than merciless’.

Divine Font

Here’s what the divine font looks like. Click the skull-looking icon, then click on an item, to enchant the item.

Enchanted items

This image shows how enchantments are displayed. They appear where implicit mods usually occur. Note that enchantments override implicit mods, replacing existing implicits. For this reason, use a bit of caution when enchanting items – you don’t want to accidentally erase some desired implicits.

– For more on glove enchants, click here.
– For more on boot enchants, click here.
– For more on helm enchants, click here.

Lab-Only Uniques

There are nine unique items that can only be found in the labyrinth. Intricate Lockers found inside labs can drop one of the unique items. In general, the most sought after item, of the nine, tends to be “Death’s Door Crusader Boots.” Below, you’ll find images of the items, displaying what they look like and what their mods can be.

Racing Prizes

Each day, GGG rewards players with the fastest lab completion times on the leaderboards, with unique jewels. The jewels awarded are based on difficulty of the lab completed. The fastest player in normal receives ’emperor’s cunning;’ cruel receives ’emperor’s wit;’ merciless receives ’emperor’s might;’ and uber receives ’emperor’s mastery.’ To be eligible for the normal leaderboards, players must be level 40 or lower and must not have started cruel yet. To be eligible for the cruel leaderboards, players must be level 60 or lower and must not have started merciless yet. There are no level caps on merciless or uber.

Prize Summary

Here’s an image summarizing the rewards and level caps.

To learn more about how these races work, click hereĀ (and ctrl+f “leadboard”)

To access the various leaderboards (16 total), click here, and adjust the results’ settings accordingly

Other Incentives

In addition to the incentives listed so far, there are other loot-based incentives for running the lab.

Chaos Recipes and Raw Currency Drops

As you’re running labs, you might notice an increase in rate of appearance, in terms of: tormented spirits, strongboxes, and rogue exiles. Between these and the treasure chests at the end, finding items for chaos recipes becomes very easy. In addition, raw currency drops appear relatively frequently (particularly, from treasure chests).

Uber-specific Loot

Uber lab contains some other notable loot, specific to uber lab runs. Most notably, treasure chests can now drop: 20% quality gems, and Divination Cards. These can easily spit out about an exalt’s worth of loot, each time. Also, uber lab has an area level of 75, so items for regal recipes are easily obtained, as well as decent base-items for crafting.