1. Length: Short
    Darkshrines: Bad due to side room and back track
    Gauntlets/puzzle: Good
    Full run: Bad
    Izaro: Dangerous. Essences give Izaro extra elemental damage

    Route: 1-2-4-5-3–6-7-10-11-14-15 gives 3 gauntlets/puzzles/darkshrines, Argus and 1 silver door.

  2. Having said all that, it’s not too bad. If, likeme, you ignore the silver keys it is quite fast, especially during the end section.

  3. Yesterday was the only day I had no time for lab and now I get this abomination T_T …
    Thanks as always for this awesome daily guide!

    • Agreed. Didn’t waste a moment. Probably the best lab of the league, and doubtful we will get another like it before league end. Blew through maybe 30 offerings on yesterday’s layout, not counting all the ones I got in the treasure room.

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