Act 2 Leveling Guide

By: Engineering Eternity


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Zone Layouts

The majority of this act, the bricked pathway with be your main guide.

The Southern Forest
This zone is always linear with the exit at the top right. Follow the right wall.
The Old Fields
This zone is typically a large square with the exit being to the east. Follow the road.
The Den
This zone is small, linear and protected by The Great White Beast.*Protip* Kill The Great White Beast in The Den for an extra Quicksilver Flask
The Crossroads
This zone has 4 main paths that meet in the middle. East leads to The Broken Bridge. South leads to The Fellshrine Ruins and The North Path leads to The Chamber of Sins. This does not change.

The Fellshrine Ruins
In this zone, if you follow the bricked road, it will always lead you into the heart of the ruins where the entrance to The Crypt is. However, the beginning of the road tends to split into a circle, so be sure not to end back up at the start.
The Crypt Level 1
Stick to the right wall.

The Crypt Level 1

The Broken Bridge
Follow the road to the east.

The Chamber of Sins

Go to the center of the zone where you will find the waypoint. Follow one of the hallways next to the waypoint to find the stairs.

The Chambers of Sins Level 2

The Trial of Swirling Fear can be found towards the left or bottom left side of this zone. Fidelitas, the mini boss of the Quest: Intruders in Black, can be found located at the top right. For that, follow the right side of the wall to the north.
The Riverways
This zone is Linear and the directions do not change, but be sure to have a movement skill that can move over obstacles. Follow the path and grab the waypoint. Here you will see a break in the road with a stone path leading towards the north. This is the path that leads to the exit to The Northern Forest. Follow the main path to the west/southwest to find the exit leading to the Western Forest.
The Western Forest
This layout is linear. Follow the road until you find the waypoint. Follow the road, Alira is on the side of the waypoint where the road has a broken section. Go back to the road for The Way Forward quest. The entrance to The Weaver’s Chambers can be found on the opposite side of the road from Alira, trees covered in spiderwebs indicate that you’re close to the entrance.

The Weaver’s Chambers

Go left when the left path spawns, otherwise loop around right side. Kill The Weaver to complete the quest Sharp and Cruel. She will drop Maligaro’s Spike. Pick this up, return to town, and give to Silk.

The Wetlands

The Bandit Oak can be found in the center of this zone. Follow the left side until the Waypoint is visible with the passage next to it. Most of the time, the side at which you enter Oak’s fort will determine the location of the waypoint. This is typically on the opposite side of the fort.

The Vaal Ruins

This zone definitely has many dead ends. Try your best to find your way through this zone.

The Northern Forest
This zone is very linear. Follow the right wall next to the water to find the exit to The Caverns. The Dread Thicket can be found if you follow the wall to the bottom left of this zone.

The Dread Thicket
This zone contains the first unlockable hideout. Once you have cleared the hideout, talk to Helena to claim it.
The Caverns

Once you have grabbed the waypoint, you will traverse through until

The Ancient Pyramid
In these series of layouts,

The Vaal Apex

Written Guide

A special thanks goes out to Engineering Eternity for allowing us to share his amazing guides and taking the time to map out every zone in the game! Real MVP

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