Augmented Synthete


The Augmented Synthete is one of the 4 main bosses found in Cavas’ Fragment memories inside the Memory Map.

Boss Fight

The Augmented Synthete will appear on the Memory Map Randomly(possibly only after you have completed Cavas’ Memory). Once it appears, the player will need to use their Memory Fragments to create a path to the boss area.

Once the player has reach this Boss Node, they will enter a small area containing the Decaying Map Device. This map device needs to be interacted with before it will open 6 portals. Next, the player will fight their through a map like area, before finding the portal leading into the Boss Arena. Once, inside this arena, the player will see Cavas’ spirit and a Distant Memory Stabilizer. This Stablizer will need to be interacted with in order to spawn The Augmented Synthete. The encounter is pretty straight forward compared to other bosses and contains no phases.

Boss Video


These are all of the attacks that this boss uses. With the use of these gifs, you are able to see the animation of each attack to better familiarize yourself with the boss mechanics.

The Augmented Synthete shoots a fiery blast from his hands dealing Fire Damage.

The Augmented Synthete opens a vortex for a short duration. This vortex deals Fire Damage Over Time.

The Augmented Synthete dashes forward and uses his Frontal Blast attack dealing Fire Damage.

The Augmented Synthete charges up and fires a large Flame Beam in front of him dealing massive amounts of Fire Damage.

The Augmented Synthete summons Stationary Filaments that aid him during the fight. These deal Fire Damage.

The Augmented Synthete jumps, spiraling into the air, and slams down the area around him dealing Fire Damage in a large area around him.

The Augmented Synthete jumps, spins, and releases around 10 projectiles that stick to the ground and are detonated after a short period of time. These explosions have a medium radius and deal Fire Damage.

The Augment Synthete fires a laser beam out of both hands, crosses the beams, and slams them down in front of him in a large area in front of him dealing Fire Damage.

The Augmented Synthete summons minions that aid him during the fight.

Tips and Tricks

This is a compiled list of some precautions one should consider before facing this challenge.

Recommended Pantheon Point Allocation:

  • Soul of Abberath
    • Grants 5% reduced Fire Damage taken while moving
    • Unaffected by Burning Ground
    • 50% reduced ignite duration.
  • Soul of Ryslatha
    • Life Flasks gain 3 charges every 3 seconds if you have not used a Life Flask Recently
    • 60% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life

Fire Damage Mitigation:

  • “of Dousing” – Flask mod that removes Burning and grants Ignite immunity during flask effect.
  • Arctic Armour – Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.
  • Purity of Fire – Increases the Maximum Fire Resistance and grants Fire Resistances
  • Ruby Flask – Increases Maximum Fire Resistance by 6% during flask effect.

Physical Damage Mitigation:

  • Arctic Armour – Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage
    taken when hit.
  • Basalt Flask – Grants 15% Physical Damage Reduction during flask effect.
  • Determination– Grants 32%-51% more armour.
  • Endurance Charges – Grants 4% Physical Damage reduction per Endurance Charge.
  • Fortify Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.
  • Granite Flask – Grants +3000 Armour during Flask Effect.
  • Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask – Converts Physical Damage taken to Cold Damage Taken
    and Grants 20% less Cold Damage taken during flask effect.


Here are all of the modifiers that affect this boss.

  • Cannot be fully Slowed, Stunned, or Knocked Back
  • 66% reduced curse effectiveness 
  • 10% Fire, Cold, Lightning, and 5% Chaos Resistance(Part 1)
  • 20% Fire, Cold, Lightning, and 10% Chaos Resistance(Part 2)
  • 40% Fire, Cold, Lightning, and 25% Chaos Resistance(Maps)


Here are all the possible items that can drop from this boss fight.

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  1. Your Taste of Hate description still mentions Maximum Cold Resistance (probably on other guides as well). Other than that keep up the good work. Love these boss guides!

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