Aul, the Crystal King

1. Introduction
2. Boss Fight
3. Tips and Tricks
4. Modifiers
5. Abilities
6. Rewards

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Aul, the Crystal King is one of the three major bosses found within the Azurite Mines. He is located in The Abyssal Sanctum.

The Abyssal Sanctum’s Temple is identified with the following symbol:

Boss Fight

This boss fight contains 8 Crystalline Cocoons around the arena. These cocoons will open and shoot homing projectiles if the player is near. During Aul’s throne phase, the Spectral Shield Charge can destroy the cocoons if they explode near them. At some point during this fight, Aul will clap his hands together, create Darkness, and spawn minions. In order to avoid the Darkness from stacking up, the player can either strategically use flares or hug the small flares that drop from some of the minions.

Tips and Tricks

This is a compiled list of some precautions one should consider before facing this challenge.

Cold Damage Mitigation:

  • Purity of Ice – Grants an additional 4% Maximum Cold Resistance.
  • Sapphire Flask – Reduces Cold damage taken by 20% during flask effect.
  • Aquamarine Flask – Grants a 20% chance to avoid ALL Cold Damage during flask effect.
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.
  • Soul of Yugul – Grants 25% chance to Reflect Enemy Chills and Freezes and 5% reduced Cold Damage taken
    if you’ve been Hit Recently.
  • of Heat” – Flask mod that removes freezing and chill effects during flask effect.

General Rule of Thumb:

  • Destroying the Cocoons can prevent them from firing projectiles, but will empower the Crystalline Barrage Phase


Here are all of the modifiers that affect this boss.

  • Cannot be fully Slowed, Knocked Back, or Stunned
  • 80% reduced Cruse Effectiveness
  • 2100% Maximum Life
  • 40% Fire, Cold and Lightning Resistance
  • 25% Chaos Resistance


These are all of the attacks that this boss uses. With the use of these gifs, you are able to see the animation of each attack to better familiarize yourself with the boss mechanics.

Aul uses a basic cleave attack, swiping the area in front of him.

Aul Cleaves the area in front of him and forms 15 small ice crystals. These crystals then fire in an arc dealing 75% Cold Damage and 25% Physical Damage.

Aul can quickly use a Whirling Blades attack at anytime.

Aul pierces the ground with his sword, creating many small crystal circles around the arena. He will then unleash a large Frost Nova dealing 75% Cold Damage and 25% Physical Damage.

Aul summons several projectiles that spiral towards him. He then unleashes a very long volley of projectiles at the player, dealing 75% Cold Damage and 25% Physical Damage. During this phase, any of the cocoons that have been broken, will shoot projectiles at Aul.

Aul thrusts his sword forward, creating two snake-like Sunders that explode into crystals at the end of their destination. These fissures deal

Aul retreats upon his crystal throne in the center of the arena and fires a total of 6 spectral copies of himself. These clones shield charge towards the player with exploding steps and then explode on impact. The clones are fired one at a time in a slow rate of succession. The base duration for this attack is 10 seconds and deals 75% Cold Damage and 25% Physical Damage. These clones can open the Crystalline Cocoons by damaging them, but will trigger the Crystalline Barrage attack.


Here are all the possible items that can drop from this boss fight.



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