This page is dedicated for offering services such as Atziri, Shaper, or Elder only, it is not requesting.

Have a suggestion to make something better? We want to hear about it! Shoot us an email.


Please be sure to include the following:

  1. Your IGN
  2. Sever/Realm
  3. When you are usually online
  4. How much your services cost
  5. If applicable, please include a link to your pathofexile forum page regarding your services.


*Disclaimer* and its members are not responsible for any problems that may occur from labyrinth services. We work on the honor system and not everyone abides by it. Comments are deleted every few days.


  1. IGN @Assassin_Of_Whales
    US Realms Preferred but will do any
    Standard only
    Usually on all day and night every day. if im not on. Add me or Message me on the forums.
    White and Yellow Guardians and Elder are free. Anything higher is 3c per Guardian. and 10c per Elder or Shaper. Uber Elder is 20c or a 10% of loot drop.

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