Catarina, Master of Undeath


Catarina, Master of Undeath is the boss and leader of the Immortal Syndicate. She resides in the Masterminds Lair.

Boss Fight

The fight starts off with Catarina doing her basic attacks in a crypt-like area. Partway through the fight she will summon unique zombies. When she reaches low hp she will leave and open a portal to her safe house which will lead to the main arena.

The main arena is a square with four totems in the corners and a sculpture in the center. Catarina will continue to use her attacks from the first phase; after she reaches a certain amount of hp she will become immune and will release of the the syndicate leaders to attack you. Once the leader is dead she will enter the Black Flame Phase. During the black flame phase she will gain new attacks and the sculpture in the center will begin releasing waves of energy dealing damage in one direction. After more damage is dealt she will become immune to damage and in order to end the Black Flame phase the player must stand near one of the totems in the corner. There will be an arrow under the player pointing toward the appropriate totem and the totem will be glowing.

Catarina will then return to her regular state and the process will repeat. Once all syndicate leaders are dead Catarina can be defeated.

Tips and Tricks

This is a compiled list of some precautions one should consider before facing this challenge.

Physical Damage Mitigation:

  • Taste of Hate Sapphire FlaskConverts Physical Damage taken to Cold Damage Taken and Increases Maximum Cold Resistance during flask effect.
  • Basalt Flask – Grants 15% Physical Damage Reduction during flask effect.
  • Granite Flask – Grants +3000 Armour during Flask Effect.
  • Arctic Armour – Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit.
  • Determination – Grants 32%-51% more armour.
  • Endurance Charges – Grants 4% Physical Damage reduction per Endurance Charge.
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.
  • Soul of Solaris Grants 6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is one nearby enemy, 20% chance to take 50% less area damage from hits and 8% reduced elemental damage taken if you haven’t been hit recently.
  • Soul of Tukohama –  Grants 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction each second, up to a maximum of 8%, while stationary and 0.5% of Life Regenerated per second each second, up to a maximum of 2%

Fire Damage Mitigation:

  • Purity of Fire – Increases the Maximum Fire Resistance and grants Fire Resistances
  • Ruby Flask – Increases Maximum Fire Resistance by 6% during flask effect.
  • Divination Distillate Large Hybrid Flask – Grants 4% to all Maximum Elemental Resistances during Flask Effect. This will help mitigate any elemental damages taken.
  • Arctic Armour – Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit
  • “of Dousing” – Flask mod that removes Burning and grants Ignite immunity during flask effect.
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.
  • Soul of Abberath – Grants 5% reduced Fire Damage taken while moving and 50% reduced ignite duration.


Here are all of the modifiers that affect this boss.

  • Cannot be Knocked Back, Stunned, or Fully Slowed
  • 80% Reduced Curse Effectiveness
  • 1250% Maximum Life
  • 10% Fire, Cold, Lighting and 5% Chaos Resistances (Part 1)
  • 20% Fire, Cold, Lighting and 10% Chaos Resistances (Part 2)
  • 30% Fire, Cold, Lighting and 15% Chaos Resistances (Maps)


These are all of the attacks that this boss uses. With the use of these gifs, you are able to see the animation of each attack to better familiarize yourself with the boss mechanics.


Fire projectiles

Carpet Mortar

25% of Physical Damage is converted to Fire Damage

Geo Attack

Reaper Slam

Deals Physical Damage

Bone Slam

Monster Mortar 1 and 2

Geo Proj

Geo Spells


Carpet Bomb


Here are all the possible items that can drop from this boss fight.


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