This page is for people who want to make buy orders for a specific combination of helmets and enchants. If you need an niche enchant on a specific helmet this page allows you to place an order for the combination you need. Lab runners can then either check here ahead of time to know what they can look for when enchanting or if they happen to get a certain combination they can look through buy orders.


Similar to our services/carry pages elsewhere on poelab.com, we want to provide another place for WTB/WTS members to locate each other, and strike a mutually beneficial deal. To do so, use the comment boxes below, as follows:

1st – Buyers list their desired enchant combos in the comments. Be sure to include your league (BSC/BHC).

2nd(a) – Sellers with non-meta enchant combos who would like to price check (and potentially sell) their questionable, potential listing – via poeapp/poetrade/etc – could come here and check to see if its ‘worth enough.’ Simply ctrl+f the item and/or enchant to see if there’s a listing of a buyer that is in search of exactly ‘that.’


2nd(a) – Sellers curious enough to explore what people are willing to pay for a variety of lesser known, non-meta enchant combos… can head to this page, browse and look around. if you find a WTB listing that for one reason or another interests you, then try reaching out to the WTB listing’s OP. A good idea before pursuing such an outcome would likely be to contact them BEFORE you go on a manhunt, for that particular enchant, to make sure they still need it. They are advised in these instructions to be considerate and return saying something like “GOT IT! THANKS!” in response to their own post, indicating that they no longer need it. However, its reasonable to expect that people might forget (or, for some other resason, NOT do that on accident), so contacting them before said hunt for the enchant combo can prevent alot of wasted money/time/effort, potentially.

3rd – Assuming a buyer is found in step 2, proceed with meeting the player in the same fashion that you might on poelab’s services/carry pages (list your IGN; WTB: [item/enchant combo]; NOTES: will be on until [whenever]; [some other note]; a link to my [forum post of choice, if applicable]; etc.). Now play the game as you normally would, as you wait for a WTS player to match their interest with yours (and pm you, in game).

4th – The seller can try PM’g you in game, at the listed IGN. If the buyer is offline at that time for whatever reason, and they happened to list a forum post of some kind in “NOTES:” or something, (maybe even just their account name, without a /thread number, if they so choose), perhaps try PM’g them, there, on the official pathofexile.com site too. With proper communication between both parties, there SHOULD be pretty good potential to find a ‘match’ (in both parties’ cases), where there would have otherwise been frustration, and lack of profits gained as a result of this page.

*Disclaimer* poelab.com and its members are not responsible for any problems that may occur from WTB Services. We work on the honor system and not everyone abides by that. Comments are deleted every few days.


  1. WTB – Zombies deal 40% Increased Damage – on The Baron helmet.
    Price – Add me ingame to discuss details.
    League : Softcore Incursion
    IGN : Narco_Baron_Escobar

  2. Wtb Lightning warp duration on a mind of council, not sure of the price, able to negotiate a bit.


    Message me in game or pm me to discuss price and details

  3. WTB Blade Vortex Duration on a Heretic’s Veil

    Paying 5ex but offer is negotiable.

    Softcore Incursion

    IGN: MonkeyLink07

  4. WTB RAT´S NEST with 40% increased spectral throw damage

    League: Softcore INC
    PM in-game the price pls: IMBA_KIKSUYA

  5. WTB “Lightning Damage if you haven’t Killed Recently” enchant on my boots

    Will pay 3ex for it

    IGN: AttentionSeeker

    Or mess me on my POE forum account: greendragon2194

  6. WTB volatile dead additional corpse on a scolds bridle

    price negotiable min 8ex

    league ISC

    ign: stanner3108

  7. WTB 40% righteous fire damage on my helm
    Willing to pay 20ex and may go higher depending on speed.

    Incursion SC

    Ign: pitannubqiloveminiboss

    PM to discuss further

  8. WTB!
    Looking for a Scold’s Bridle with increased temporal chains curse effect.
    Price: 10 exalts
    League: ISC
    IGN: SearchForAzcanta

  9. WTB +4 incinerate waves on Heretic’s veil

    Willing to pay 2ex negotiable. Add me ingame to discuss details.

    League: Softcore INC

    IGN: Body_Boomer

  10. WTB 9% increased Flicker Strike Damage per Frenzy Charge on my helm

    Willing to pay 10ex and above. Add me ingame to discuss further.

    League: Softcore INC

    IGN: Burnignition

  11. WTB Lightning Spire Trap strikes an additional area enchant on a Shaped helmet

    League ISC

    Not sure of the price, poe.trade only has a bunch of garbage like Starkonja’s

  12. WTB Discharge 30% to not consume charges and Flamethrower Trap has 2 additional flames Hubris Circlet, i84 +

    Will Pay 2ex a piece

    League: Incursion SC
    IGN: RoseVine

  13. Looking to buy a Vertex Vaal Mask Flame Golems have 40% increased Damage. Paying 4ex

    IGN: _BurningDown_ or _Beelzeboss_

    LG; softcore incursion

  14. WTB 150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Ice Golems on a perfect crit multi/phys damage taken abysuss

    Paying 5 ex

    League: Softcore Incursion


  15. WTB 30% reduced earthquake duration on crit Abyssus – 4ex

    League: softcore incursion

    IGN: blekotaisjuggling

  16. WTB perfect stats Hrimnor’s Resolve Samite Helmet (increase armor stat does not need to be capped) with, Volatile Dead destroys up to 1 additional corpse. Paying 8ex.

    League: Softcore INC

    IGN: Cast_When_Triggered

  17. WTB Alpha’s Howl with 15% reduced anger/hatred/wrath/haste mana reservation in ISC. Paying good.


  18. Looking for someone to run labs for me, need reduced proj speed ball lightning on me helm. Price negotiable. IGN: Vampyr
    ISC league

  19. Looking for ice crash 15% physical to cold damage enchant on a Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet or option B 40% increased ice crash damage.

    Offer 1ex

  20. Lab enchant service

    League: SC Incursion
    IGN: PraiseKek

    You Provide me with Offerings and Twice Enchanteds until the enchantment is obtained, when I get the requested enchant I will return the item and you will pay me my fee. Also i can stream if u want/need.

    Gloves and boots: 1 ex
    Helm: 10 ex

  21. WTB Molten Strike 3 Projectiles on a white Hubris Circlet
    League – IHC (Incursion HardCore)
    IGN – WhenEleHitIsNotAMeme
    Price – 4 ex

    Whisper or add me in game to discuss details. I really am looking for this helmet enchant on that particular base, it doesn’t need to be crafted. A white Hubris Circlet base is completely fine.

  22. gorgon’s gaze with Incinerate has +4 to maximum stages
    league Incursion league (softcore)
    offer 4ex
    ingame: drakonzignite

  23. WTB Determination Reservation 15% on Memory Vault

    Incursion Hardcore. In-game name: offchops

    Paying up-to 5 ex. This enables LL mana/armour based RF to use Vaal RF without deactivating RF, and using Life gain on hit on shieldcharge instead of decoy totem to refill you life to recast.

  24. ISC – Bringer of Rain – 8% Cleave Area of Effect

    2 exalted

    Don’t roll over if it you get one on your BoR; sell it to me instead.

  25. Paying 6 exa for 30% despair curse effect enchant on deicide base ilvl 84plus. 7 ex for any roll heretics veil

    Ign: SnKHel

  26. WTB

    Enchant: +1 Storm burst projectiles fired
    Item: The Vertex
    League: IHC

    Paying 3-5 Ex depending on the vertex rolls.

    Contact ingame: “ARCitectural_MKII”
    Contact Website: “Setharial”

  27. Looking to buy a Vertex with molten strike 3 proj enchant. Willing to work with you on the price.

    IGN: ShapersFamousMeatballs

    Softcore Incursion

  28. WTB Molten Strike 3 Proj. Ench. on a helmet I will provide or 18/18 Immolate/Conc. Effect of ur own.

    League: SC Inc

    PM in-game to negotiate: myxcruzader

  29. WTB Arc Chains an Additional Time on Mind of the Council

    Paying 6ex min, can go up to 9ex depending on rolls and how fast you provide it. Add me ingame to discuss details.

    League: Softcore INC

    IGN: mynameishated

    • WTB Arc Chains an Additional Time on Mind of the Council

      Paying 10ex min, can go up to 15ex depending on rolls and how fast you provide it. Add me ingame to discuss details.

      League: Softcore INC

      IGN: mynameishated

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