This page is for people who want to make buy orders for a specific combination of helmets and enchants. If you need an niche enchant on a specific helmet this page allows you to place an order for the combination you need. Lab runners can then either check here ahead of time to know what they can look for when enchanting or if they happen to get a certain combination they can look through buy orders.


Similar to our services/carry pages elsewhere on poelab.com, we want to provide another place for WTB/WTS members to locate each other, and strike a mutually beneficial deal. To do so, use the comment boxes below, as follows:

1st – Buyers list their desired enchant combos in the comments. Be sure to include your league (BSC/BHC).

2nd(a) – Sellers with non-meta enchant combos who would like to price check (and potentially sell) their questionable, potential listing – via poeapp/poetrade/etc – could come here and check to see if its ‘worth enough.’ Simply ctrl+f the item and/or enchant to see if there’s a listing of a buyer that is in search of exactly ‘that.’


2nd(a) – Sellers curious enough to explore what people are willing to pay for a variety of lesser known, non-meta enchant combos… can head to this page, browse and look around. if you find a WTB listing that for one reason or another interests you, then try reaching out to the WTB listing’s OP. A good idea before pursuing such an outcome would likely be to contact them BEFORE you go on a manhunt, for that particular enchant, to make sure they still need it. They are advised in these instructions to be considerate and return saying something like “GOT IT! THANKS!” in response to their own post, indicating that they no longer need it. However, its reasonable to expect that people might forget (or, for some other resason, NOT do that on accident), so contacting them before said hunt for the enchant combo can prevent alot of wasted money/time/effort, potentially.

3rd – Assuming a buyer is found in step 2, proceed with meeting the player in the same fashion that you might on poelab’s services/carry pages (list your IGN; WTB: [item/enchant combo]; NOTES: will be on until [whenever]; [some other note]; a link to my [forum post of choice, if applicable]; etc.). Now play the game as you normally would, as you wait for a WTS player to match their interest with yours (and pm you, in game).

4th – The seller can try PM’g you in game, at the listed IGN. If the buyer is offline at that time for whatever reason, and they happened to list a forum post of some kind in “NOTES:” or something, (maybe even just their account name, without a /thread number, if they so choose), perhaps try PM’g them, there, on the official pathofexile.com site too. With proper communication between both parties, there SHOULD be pretty good potential to find a ‘match’ (in both parties’ cases), where there would have otherwise been frustration, and lack of profits gained as a result of this page.

*Disclaimer* poelab.com and its members are not responsible for any problems that may occur from WTB Services. We work on the honor system and not everyone abides by that. Comments are deleted every few days.


  1. WTB Consecrated Ground from Purifying Flame applies 9% increased Damage taken to Enemies enchant on armour base item level 85
    ING: Ullyss
    Payment: 3-5 Ex

  2. Contraindications People with calculus, renal or bile, people with stomach ulcers, duodenal and others in which excessive bleeding may occur.
    I think it was Ed who really felt the difference.
    for many medications, yes.

  3. WTB Indigon with 20% reduce skitter bot mana reserve
    League: MSC
    IGN: IlikeElectricBalls
    Price: To be discussed but willing to pay well

  4. WTB The Devouring Diadem Necromancer Circlet with 30% Reduced Storm Call Duration
    League: MSC
    IGN: Ythelisi
    Price: To be discussed

  5. League: SC Legion
    WTB: Vertex(275+% evasion, and energy shield, 35+ energy shield) with enchant 40% increased Charged Dash damage.
    IGN: SeamanSamples
    Payment 5+EX(depending on base stats of helm).

  6. League: Hardcore Legion
    IGN: BabyLeague
    Base: ilvl 86 ELDER Eternal Burgonet OR ilvl 86 ELDER Royal Burgonet
    Enchant: Herald of Agony has 30% reduced Mana Reservation

    Please PM me to sell or even if you simply intend to try and farm this. I will pay well and I can provide a helmet with collateral.

    I am interested in this enchant up until I comment on this post saying otherwise.

  7. WTB 30% reduced stormcall duration enchant on an ilvl 84+ shaped lion pelt
    Legion Softcore
    IGN: Tala_Ricardo_Warrior/Lul_melee_in_TYOOL

    Offer: 8ex

    • WTB Scolds Bridle with Volatile Dead +1 corpse or 40% increased Volatile Damage for 5ex
      Soft core Legion

  8. Enchanting services // Legion Softcore
    Ign : MatexLab
    Server: Frankfurt (EU)
    Usually online since 14:00 to 22:00 everyday
    Enchanting service: gloves+boots 3ex – helmet 20ex (price negotiable)

  9. Consecrated path teleport range/wild strike chains 6 times. Either of those on a 2 abyss jewel helmet
    @Tellwen in-game – Synthesis softcore, can pay 3exa currently


  11. Want to Buy: 30% increased Despair Curse Effect (The Vertex Vaal Mask)
    In-game Name: Habriella_S OR Black_ice_shot
    Negotiable Price: 4ex (Can be raised)

  12. WTB
    ulab leech march of the legion boots
    3ex or hit me with prices
    1ex for merc lab marches thanks 5/2/19

  13. Want to Buy: Tornado Shot fires 2 additional secondary Projectiles
    In-game Name: WindRipperManMF OR YetAnotherWinterOrbB
    Negotiable Price: 7ex (Can be raised)
    League: Synthesis Standard

    Notes: Most of the prices I have noticed are around 5-7 exalted orbs, but the specific helmet I have does not have a listing. When you whisper me, we can negotiate the exact price of the helmet.

  14. WTB: Memory Vault with Storm Burst has a 15% chance to create an additional Orb
    League: SC Synthesis
    IGN: OPManaGuardian
    Price: 7ex

  15. [[HC SYNTHESIS only]]: WTB Memory Vault with Storm Burst chance to spawn additional orb, preferably 15%.

    Message me in-game for more details. IGN: SewerBerrg

  16. WTS Enchant Service
    IGN: ihadtochangemyname

    Whisper me in-game or add me if (offline).
    Average Run: 3 minutes.
    PM me the enchant you need, base item and fee for twice enchanted’ prophecies aswell for offerings.

  17. WTB: Winter Orb deals 40% increased Damage on shaped Hubris Circlet
    Server: Synthesis SC
    IGN: Xhetokun
    Price: TBD ?

  18. WTS Enchant Service

    Boots/Gloves: 5ex. Time needed: 1 day.
    Helm: 15ex. Time needed: RNG

    Hi, i want to offer my enchant service. I’m an exp and faster uber lab runner:

    Uber Lab Ladder Synthesis SC

    33 genobraker XOreosEaterX Juggernaut 3 minutes, 34 seconds

    I did hit 500 keys challenge the 1st two weeks.

    I provide streaming if you want/need, plus i whisper you and link every enchant what i get. You must provide offerings, twice prophecy, (i can do it without the prophecy and look for extra font use from darkshrines but it takes more minutes per run), and the item. When i got the enchant desired, you pay me that’s all.

    I’ll need 5ex upfront if you want to enchant a helm (no upfront payment required if you want to enchant gloves or boots), i have to do this cuz it can takes 3 or 4 days and you can change your mind and say “dude, i don’t want the enchant anymore”. I can provide some collateral for your item.

    IGN: XOreosEaterX
    League: Synthesis SC

  19. WTB: Tornadoshot +2 enhcant, got 20% legacy quant, i bought it for 40ex so if u can pay me 40ex in trade for the helmet
    League: standard
    IGN: molten_larss
    Price: TBD ?

  20. WTB: Memory Vault with Storm Burst has a 15% chance to create an additional Orb
    League: SC Synthesis
    Price: TBD ?

  21. IGN: Velemores_Flock
    WTB Increased Cooldown recovery speed of Mirror Arrow Enchant On a Bone Helmet
    SHC League
    Price: TBD?

  22. Memory Vault with Storm Burst has a 15% chance to create an additional Orb

    Pay upwards of 10ex.

    IGN: @HayzBored

  23. WTB Speaker’s wreath with a Siege ballista enchant on it, preferably Attack speed/Damage.

    Willing to pay in the 1ex range, more if I get lucky on drops.

    Ice nova damage (40)

    synthesis softcore, add me captain_levy

  25. WTB Crafting Bench Enchants 28\28 minion attack and cast speed + +2 support skills , both of these will be enchanted onto a bow

    IGN : BigWandDildo

    Need a runner to enchant my helm with 40% increased damage on divine ire. Using the devouring diadem. Willing to pay few exalts to get it lol
    SC Synthesis

  27. IGN: SeekingPepega – synthesis sc
    WTB: Deidbellow 30 % reduced herald of purity mana reservation
    Price: To be discussed

  28. Looking for someone to get Leech if Killed Recently on my rare boots.

    League: standard
    IGN: ColdBlades_The_Panda

    Price: To be discussed

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