Guardian of the Hydra

1. Introduction
2. Boss Fight
3. Tips and Tricks
4. Modifiers
5. Abilities
6. Rewards

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The Guardian of The Hydra is the boss for the Lair of the Hydra Map. He is one of the four Guardians of The Void. 

Boss Fight

The boss fight begins once the player enters the center of arena. The Hydra, equipped with a bow, deals 50% Physical and 50% Cold Damage. This arena spawns small waves of Frostbolts that travel across the map.

Tips and Tricks

This is a compiled list of some precautions one should consider before facing this challenge.

Cold Damage Mitigation:

  • Purity of Ice – Grants an additional 4% Maximum Cold Resistance.
  • Sapphire Flask – Reduces Cold damage taken by 20% during flask effect.
  • Aquamarine Flask – Grants a 20% chance to avoid ALL Cold Damage during flask effect.
  • “of Heat” – Flask mod that removes chilled and frozen effects.
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.

Physical Damage Mitigation:

  • Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask – Converts Physical Damage taken to Cold Damage Taken
    and Reduces Cold damage taken by 20% during flask effect.
  • Basalt Flask – Grants 15% Physical Damage Reduction during flask effect.
  • Granite Flask – Grants +3000 Armour during Flask Effect.
  • Arctic Armour – Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage
    taken when hit
  • Endurance Charges – Grants 4% Physical Damage reduction per Endurance Charge
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.


  • Quicksilver Flask – Increases movement speed during flask effects. Aids in dodging attacks.
  • Stibnite Flask – Creates a smoke cloud, inflicting blind during flask effect. This makes it easier
    to avoid damage since monsters can not target the player directly if blinded.

General Rule of Thumb:

  • Decoy Totem – Taunts enemies causing them to target the totem instead of the player.
  • Movement Skill – Allows player to quickly dodge attacks.
  • Avoid these bad Affixes on maps
    • Increased Monster Damage
    • Unique Boss deals increased Damage/Attack/Cast speed
    • Monsters deal Extra Damage as an Element
    • Monsters have increased Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier
    • Increased Monster Movement/Attack/Cast Speed
    • Players cursed with Temporal Chains
    • Increased Monster Life
    • Unique Boss has increased Life/Area of Effect


  • Cannot be Frozen, Chilled, Poisoned, or Knocked Back
  • Temporary Taunt Immunity
  • 80% Reduced Curse Effectiveness
  • 40% Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
  • 25% Chaos Resistance


Doom Arrow

The Hydra fires an arrow into the air and a series of 9 projectiles rain down in a straight line. These projectiles deal area damage when they land. Be sure to side step when the Hydra performs this attack.


The Hydra charges her bow and unleashes 10 quickly fired projectiles at the player.

Fork Arrow

The Hydra charges his bow and unleashes a projectile that splits into 2 projectiles twice. This projectile deals lethal Physical and Cold Damage

Blink Arrow

The Hydra teleports off the arena and summons minions. These minions drop Vortexes on death dealing Cold Damage. Shortly after the Hydra appears back into the arena.


Frostbolts are constantly spawned from two sides of the arena. These Frostbolts spawn more frequently as The Hydra loses life.




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