This page is dedicated for offering services only, not requesting.

Have a suggestion to make something better? We want to hear about it! Shoot us an email.


Please be sure to include the following:

  1. Your IGN
  2. Sever/Realm
  3. When you are usually online
  4. How much your services cost
  5. If applicable, please include a link to your pathofexile forum page regarding your services.


*Disclaimer* and its members are not responsible for any problems that may occur from labyrinth services. We work on the honor system and not everyone abides by it. Comments are deleted every few days.


  1. Your IGN : LastToonOfTheLeague
    Sever/Realm : NA / US
    When you are usually online : PST 4pm-12am weekdays / all day weekends
    How much your services cost: UBER ONLY: 5c + offering + enchant

  2. anylab service
    Babysit safe carry, know best safe and fast ways. Free retry if u need logout for save char.
    Many peoples say my service best(but my english not 😉
    uber: your offering+10c+loot+enchant
    merc: 7c+loot
    normal\cruel: 5c

    IGN: hbtr_lab

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