How to find hidden Delve Rooms/Pathways

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So you have a loot room in the middle of no where and you do not know how to get there.

What do you do?


General Information

Here is some general information regarding hidden loot rooms and their connections.


  • Each room is connected by a pathway(the pathway that The Crawler uses between rooms).
  • Each room can only have 1, 3, or 4 connections but never just 2. 
  • Dead end rooms will NEVER connect to a hidden room.
  • Rooms with only 2 connections are an indication that there is a secret connection attached
  • Hidden rooms can only be access by blowing up Fractured Walls


Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s walk through one together. Take a look at the image below.



Step 1:

Identifying Possible Locations

Identify all the rooms that have 2 or 3 connections and eliminate all other options.



Step 2:

Seeking The Fractured Wall

Explore all the possible locations that you have identified. When exploring these locations, you will need to go in one of the 4 main geographic directions(North, East, South or West).


Step 3:

Opening Fractured Wall

You will need both Flares and Dynamite for this step. When exploring the possible locations, you are looking for a fractured wall located somewhere in The Darkness. You can find this on the mini-map marked with this symbol:

Once you have located The Fractured wall, it can destroyed by using dynamite.


Step 4:

Loot the Rewards

Once The Fractured Wall has been destroyed, the connected pathway will appear on your minimap. From here, return back to where The Crawler is located. The Crawler is now able to travel to this location.

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Video Explanation

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