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Please be sure to include the following:

  1. Your IGN
  2. Server/Realm
  3. When you are usually online
  4. How much your services cost
  5. If applicable, please include a link to your pathofexile forum page regarding your services.


*Disclaimer* and its members are not responsible for any problems that may occur from labyrinth services. We work on the honor system and not everyone abides by it. Comments are deleted every few days.


  1. IGN: OreosEater
    Server/Realm: Brazil Realm
    Ur offering my loot no extra fee
    Betrayal Softcore

    Realm is important, if u are from NA u will have 160ms-200ms, keep this in mind.

  2. IGN: SamaMiesEriVerkkarit
    Server: Betrayal SC on any EU Gateway
    Online: Every day EU evening hours
    Service cost: Your offering, my loots at the end
    I make sure that you don’t fall behind and I wait for you to complete the traps.
    Lab carrying since lab was first introduced to the game!

  3. looking for uber lab carry by a tank sob who is fast but not qotf fast (so i can keep up)

    today 12/13 @eastern time 130-300am

    offering +3c you kememp spoils

    ign entitled_gamer betrayl sc league

  4. IGN: urmumisbald
    Server: EU
    Available: 18 Hours a day

    Your offering + 2c

    I have 20ex Gear, will refund if I die by any means.


  5. Uber lab service Betrayal SC

    IGN: EcktorMaxPP

    Price: 3c + Offering

    Date: 12/11/2018 (only for this date)

  6. UBERLAB(1+2+3 too) CARRY SC Betrayal
    Server/Realm = EU/RU
    How much your services cost = Offering+5c or x3 offering

  7. Your IGN: Friz_memestarter
    Server/Realm: Australia realm
    When you are usually online: throughout the day, just message me
    How much your services cost: 3c+Offering

  8. IGN: BetrayedByPerry
    Server: NA Server
    When: Most the time

    Uber Lab Service is live! 5c + Offering, My loot at the end. Stay safe, exiles!
    I stream as well @

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