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Please be sure to include the following:

  1. Your IGN
  2. Server/Realm
  3. When you are usually online
  4. How much your services cost
  5. If applicable, please include a link to your pathofexile forum page regarding your services.


*Disclaimer* and its members are not responsible for any problems that may occur from labyrinth services. We work on the honor system and not everyone abides by it. Comments are deleted every few days.


  1. Uber lab service
    Server: Will carry any server location
    IGN: Fataldots
    Price: Offering +15c my loot.
    Will hold your hand if you ask no problem.
    If I fail to complete it for any reason I will use my own offering and go again no need to pay again, If you die your offering no added chaos

  2. Boosting Uber lab + Enchanting service // Legion Softcore
    Ign : MatexLab
    Server: Frankfurt (EU)
    Usually online since 14:00 to 22:00 everyday
    Uber lab cost : offering
    Enchanting service: gloves+boots 3ex – helmet 20ex (price negotiable)

  3. Flashback is Back!

    SC Flashback League, Uber Lab Carry is ready to go
    NA Realm (DC Server)

    ign: UberPerry
    Your Offering, My loot. Stay Safe!

    Come say hi @

  4. IGN: ApJr
    Server/Realm: US/Cali
    When you are usually online: mid to late day MT
    cost: 20c plus your key (your loot) or Your key my loot

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