Mapping Etiquette

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Here are some general rules that one should consider before mapping with others.

The Party Leader

  • Always follow the Party Leader or map owner.
  • The party leader typically runs “the show.” It is customary to follow them through the maps. DO NOT run ahead without the leader or entire party present.


  • Players must stick together when it comes to Sulfite rotations.
  • Sulfite amount is calculated when a player discovers the Sulfite within the map.
  • All players must be present and near the Sulfite in order to share resource with everyone.


  • Mapping clearing is typically done by following the edges in a clockwise or counterclockwise manner.
  • DO NOT take more than 1 portal for the map without asking first.
  • Please make “Call Outs” in chat. Example: maps or currency drops that are not seen by the rest of the party
  • Have an adequate Movement Skill or Quicksilver Flask.
  • Coordinate Auras so you do not have any overlapping each other.
  • If you cannot deal with the map boss, please leave before the encounter.


  • If maps are not being split, its customary to give the map owner Chisels, Alchemy Orbs and even sacrificial pieces to help pay for rolling the modifications on the maps.
  • Loot 1 exalt or higher is typically split among party members but is not required.
  • Have some sort of dump tab to quicken time between maps.

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