The Labyrinth is a dungeon style map that has randomly generated layouts, puzzles, and prizes. You must complete The Lord’s Labyrinth in order to achieve your character’s Ascendancy. This must be completed 4 times, each with increasing difficulty. You must complete all of the trials before you are able to enter each one. The elements of The Labyrinth includes: 3 boss fights, many traps, puzzles, gauntlets, and many treasures.

Engineering Eternity gives the best breakdown of what The Labyrinth is and all the aspects of it.

Be sure to check him and his amazing POE guides out! Twitch and Youtube We highly suggest checking out some of his videos if you are new to POE.

Now that you know more about The Labyrinth, let’s talk about how to read the images that we provide.

This image is our map legend.

lab note sample
The legend shows everything that you can find within The Labyrinth. The most important thing to understand is how the exits work. When entering a room in The Labyrinth, picture the overall map of that room being a circle. Most of the time you start at the bottom/south of the circle. Most of the exits are at the top left or top right of the room. This is indicated with the small blue circle at the top part of the room circle located on The Lab map. Argus can be found where the orange A is marked. Darkshrines, gauntlets, and puzzles are marked with D G or P. Since their locations can change within their rooms, their locations can not be marked.

Here is a short video explanation of how to read the images.

Now that you understand how to navigate Labyrinth, let’s take a look at how to farm it. Proper farming can really pay off in the long run. Darkshrines, gauntlets and puzzles all have their perks. Finding the best way to farm The Labyrinth and which way is more suitable for you is for you to decide.

Lifting Nerd Bro does a great job explaining how to farm effectively.

Be sure to check him out and some of his other videos. YoutubeTwitch

Here are some tips and tricks that we would like to suggest:
Learn how traps work and take your time over them!
Check out the useful items page.
Shorter Labs are quicker to run but not always more profitable
Look for gauntlets, puzzles and darkshrines that are along the main path and not out of the way in side rooms.
Acquiring maximum keys is a good approach to farming.
Enchant commonly used helms or boots(see what the meta is).

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