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Boss Fight
Tips and Tricks


Ryslatha is located in the side area The Spawning Ground in The Wetlands, Act 6. Killing her will result in the completion of the quest The Puppet Mistress.


Boss Fight

The player will enter the arena to find 3 Nests, one in each of the corners of the arena. All 3 Nests must be destroyed before Ryslatha will appear in the arena and begin the fight.



Tips and Tricks


Ryslatha deals a substantial amount of chaos damage. If your resistance are not prepared, you will take lots of damage quickly.

Chaos Damage Mitigation:

  • Amethyst Flask Grants 35% Chaos Resistance during Flask Effect. This Utility Flask that can be found easily or bought for cheap. An alternative to this flask would be Atziri’s Promise Amethyst Flask.
  • “of Curing” – Flask mod that removes Poison and grants Poison immunity during flask effect.




  • Chaos Damage
  • Cannot be Knocked Back
  • 25% Fire, Cold, Lightning Resistance
  • 13% Chaos Resistance
  • 1600% Maximum Life



  • Unlocks a minor Pantheon point
  • Adds a Skill Point


Default Attack

  • Deals 130% of Damage


Spawner Spit

Ryslatha spits a projectile at the target and applies infest on hit.

  • 30% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • 33% less Attack Speed
  • Applies infest on hit
  • Base duration is 4 seconds


Acid Breath

Ryslatha spits acid projectiles leaving caustic ground, dealing Chaos Damage over time.

  • Deals Physical Damage
  • 20% reduced Projectile Speed
  • Base Duration is 4 seconds
  • Deals Base Chaos Damage per second
  • X% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage



Ryslatha burrows and moves to a new location in the arena. She will also spawn brood eggs while traveling.

  • Base duration is 3 seconds
  • Deals 25% of Damage
  • Spawns Brood Eggs


 Summon Brood Eggs

Ryslatha spawns groups of three eggs every 8 seconds. These create poison ground when hatched.

  • Summons 3 eggs
  • Cool down recovery is 8 seconds
  • Creates Poison Ground on hatch


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