The Elder


1 – Introduction
2 – Boss Fight
3 – Tips and Tricks
4 – Modifiers
5 – Abilities
6 – Rewards

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I – Introduction

The Elder is located in The Absence of Value and Meaning, found in maps. He can be spawned on the atlas by killing the boss or at least 60% of the monsters in a Shaper influenced map(cosmic cloud effect). Once there are enough Elder influenced maps(Tentacle effect), The Elder and his four Guardians will spawn. This usually takes about 20 Elder influenced maps. All four of the Guardians will then need to be defeated before reaching The Elder. From here, the player will need to run the map that The Elder has spawned on. Once at the boss, a Void Portal will appear and the Elder emerges, consuming that bosses essence. He will then leave through the portal to The Absence of Value and Meaning where the player will follow him into the arena.

The Elder deals a substantial amounts of Physical and Cold Damage and some of his attacks can be extremely deadly. His fight consists of 3 main phases.

II – Boss Fight

Phase 1 – Normal Phase

Once the player has entered the arena and moved toward The Elder, he will begin dialog with Zana. After this brief mom, The Elder will begin the fight. Once he reaches 75% Maximum Life, the second phase will begin.

Phase 2 – Captured Phase

The Shaper appears and imprisons The Elder in the center of the map, leaving him invulnerable to any damage. The Shaper has to power up 4 restraints.  Each restraint takes around 30 seconds to complete. After all four restraints are powered, the phase is complete. During this time The Shaper is vulnerable to any damage. The Elder will spawns Null Portals that spawn Madness Propagators.

Phase 2 – The Shaper Dies – Optional

If The Shaper is killed, The Elder will be released and you will skip the rest of phase 2 and 3. The rest of the fight is just like phase 1. If you do choose to let The Shaper die, The Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel will no longer drop from this instance.

Phase 3 – Unstable Phase

The Elder becomes vulnerable and under restraint. Here he is still able to perform some attacks while you fight him. He will use Null Portals, Tentacle Whip and a physical damage nova.  Once The Elder is killed, he will charge up and explode dealing a lethal blow. The only way to avoid it is to run into Zana’s Bubble at the bottom right.


III – Tips and Tricks

This is a compiled list of some precautions one should consider before facing this challenge.

Cold Damage Mitigation 

  • Sapphire Flask – Reduces Cold damage taken by 20% during flask effect.
  • Aquamarine Flask – Grants a 20% chance to avoid ALL Cold Damage during flask effect.
  • Taste of Hate Sapphire FlaskConverts Physical Damage taken to Cold Damage Taken and Reduces Cold damage taken by 20% during flask effect.
  • Purity of Ice – Grants an additional 4% Maximum Cold Resistance.
  • “of Heat” Flask mod that removes chilled and grant Chill immunity during flask effect.
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.
  • Soul of Yugul – Grants 5% reduced Cold Damage taken if you have been hit recently and 50% chance to reflect Chills and Freezes

Physical Damage Mitigation

  • Arctic Armour – Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit
  • Basalt Flask – Grants 15% Physical Damage Reduction during flask effect.
  • Granite Flask – Grants +3000 Armour during Flask Effect.
  • Fortify – Grants 20% reduced damage taken from ALL damage types.


  • Quicksilver FlaskIncreases movement speed during flask effects. Aids in dodging attacks.
  • Stibnite Flask – Creates a smoke cloud, inflicting blind during flask effect.
  • Decoy Totem – Taunts enemies causing them to target the totem instead of the player.
  • Movement Skill – Allows player to quickly dodge attacks.
  • Frost Wall – Creates a wall of ice that is very useful in protecting The Shaper from damage.
  • Kaom’s Roots – Prevent the slowing effect of the siphon attack.

General Rule of Thumb

  • Kill Minions quickly.
  • For an easier fight, let Shaper die.
  • Run into Zana’s Proximity Shield at the end of the fight.
  • The Elder ignores shaped maps
  • What ever level map that The Elder spawns on will be the same level for all of the guardians regardless of what map they spawn on.

IV – Modifiers

Here are all of the modifiers that affect this boss.

  • Cannot be Knocked Back or Fully Slowed
  • Deals 200% of Damage
  • 1100% Max Life
  • 80% Less Curse Effectiveness
  • 40% Fire, Cold, Lightning and Resistance
  • 25% Chaos Resistance


V – Abilities

These are all of the attacks that this boss uses. With the use of these gifs, you are able to see the animation of each attack to better familiarize yourself with the boss mechanics.

The Elder slashes with his hand when the player is within close range dealing Physical Damage.

The Elder spawns several Ice Spears in front of him and fires them at the player dealing heavy amounts of Cold Damage. There are 4 different forms of Ice Spears.

The Elder levitates and spawns 5 sets of tentacles that slam the ground around the player dealing Physical Damage.

The Elder spawns 2 large circles on the ground. The outer circle will expand until it covers almost the entire arena and explode dealing Physical Damage. The inner circle is the only safe area. Be sure to stay inside the inner circle until the outer one explodes.

The Elder teleports behind the player and creates a small semicircle on the ground dealing Physical Damage Over Time and greatly slows the player down. The Elder gains 20% of Energy Shield Regeneration per second during this period. Be sure to get out of the semicircle as fast as you can. The slowing affect will still cause the player to be slowed during the entirety of this attack.

The Elder levitates into the air and releases a large barrage of projectiles that land in a circular pattern below him. He then teleports and claps his hands together dealing large amounts of very lethal Cold Damage. Warning, this attack will 1 shot the player.

Once The Elder reaches below 60% Maximum Life, he can freeze you in place before using his Siphon ability.

The Elder spawns Madness Propagators that fire projectiles at the player. These minions deal Lightning Damage and Physical Damage Over Time. If these are left alone, they can overwhelm the player so be sure to kill them quickly.

VI – Rewards

Here are all the possible items that can drop from this boss fight. One unique item is guaranteed to drop for this encounter.

White Maps and Higher

Yellow Maps and Higher

Red Maps and Higher


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