Trading Etiquette

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Here are some “unwritten rules,” for trading with others in PoE

Step 1: Choose a resource 

  • There are several resources that are typically used for trading
    • Primary Resources:
    • Secondary Resources:
      • Trade chat (such as /trade 1, 2, etc.). Lots of spam, here.
      • In-game noticeboard (default key, to access: ‘s’ on your keyboard > public parties). Requires being in the right place, at the right time, to see whatever you’re hoping to see (probably not ‘out there,’ anyways; on ANY town’s noticeboard (just go to trading website – much easier)).
      • The official poe forums. Its a lot like emailing someone, if you try contacting a seller. Could take a while, before your message gets seen. Many players do not even acknowledge logging into poe’s official site, that often anyways, so… Again, probably best to just go to a trading website.

Step 2: Contacting a seller, on trading websites

  • Once you find the item you’re looking for, and the seller of the item is online; you can then click the copy whisper button, then – in-game – press enter to enter the chat console > paste the whisper > wait for an invite to the seller’s party (then accept it (if you get one)).
    • NOTE: Spamming the seller...
      Probably best to just avoid doing this. Many times, your whisper yields no response, of any kind. Maybe they’re afk/DND mode/offline/price fixing/etc. Whatever the case – the end result, is the same – if you do not get an invite, they do not want to (or cant) trade with you at that time.
      Spamming them, pasting your whisper 100 times will not change the result…
      If they’re afk, assuming they’re actually going to sell it to you/someone, they’ll read your messages probably, when they return. Spamming 100 times almost certainly will not make them return sooner.
      If they’re in DND mode… Contact next seller – nothing to be done with your 100 spams (won’t be seen).
      If they’re offline, but the website says ONLINE, with one exception, this can be caused by a slight delay between their actual login status and the trading API acknowledging it. Whatever the case – like DND – not much to be done here, if they’re offline (can wait, or set alerts if you wish for that exact person’s certain item… that’s about it).
      If they’re price fixing – spam them 100 times… the result won’t change (they have no actual intention on selling you the item).
      TLDR: It is important to limit the number of times you paste the message. Send the message once (MAAAAYBE, twice; three times TOPS, for sure (even then – space a few minutes between the whispers, if you MUST paste the message multiple times)). Otherwise, they’re likely to add you to their /ignore list (now, you can’t buy ANYTHING from that person, ever; until they take you off their list (or clear their ignore list, entirely)).
  • If you receive and accept the invite, the next step is pretty ‘key.’ That is: The BUYER is to enter the HIDEOUT of the SELLER (not the other way around; generally, not in a town either).
    • TIP: Grab your currency, before you go!
      Since you have NO clue where that person decided to stick their stash within their hideout, its usually a good idea to grab your currency for the trade PRIOR to going to their hideout (ie- if you’re in town or your hideout, prior to receiving the invite… just grab the currency from your own stash, before going to their HO. This makes things much smoother.
  • Once in their hideout, you (or them) will right click the other person, in the party list > click ‘trade’ > put your items/currency in your respective trade window (after the trade request to whichever person is sent, and the other person accepts it) > mouse over the stuff your receiving > click ‘accept.’
  • At this point, the trade is complete! Congrats and enjoy your new, shiny things.

Recap/Summary of the process…

  1. Go to your website of choice
  2. Copy whisper
  3. Paste whisper in-game
  4. Wait for invite (move on to the next seller of your item of interest, if you get impatient (rather than spamming that person))
  5. Accept the invite
  6. Grab currency of yours, while you’re still near a familiar stash (ie- a town or your own hideout)
  7. Go to the SELLER’s hideout
  8. Send/Accept trade request, once in seller’s hideout
  9. Put items into trade window > mouse over > click accept
  10. Done!

Armed with this info, you’ll make for a good player to trade with… Ahhh, if only they were all so smooth!

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