Here are some tips and trick to help you get through Labyrinth

Pantheon Points

Soul of Ralakesh Pantheon Point – 25% chance to avoid bleeding and 25% reduced physical damage over time damage taken while moving.
Soul of Solaris Pantheon Point


Quicksilver Flask – Grants movement speed. Having more movement speed will help you get through traps faster.
Stibnite Flask – creates a smoke cloud on use. This is very helpful since it blinds enemies lowing your chances of getting hit.
Basalt Flask – useful if you need help mitigating the physical damage dealt from Izaro.
Writhing Jar – Releases 2 enemy worms. This is perfect for characters that use leech. It also procs “killed recently” as well as serves as an instant flask.
Flask of Warding – The Suffix “of Warding” removes curses. This is very helpful when navigating through Curse Sentries. Also, it removes the curses from The Font Phase.
Flask of Staunching – The Suffix “of Staunching” removes bleeding on use. This is a most important when dealing with traps.


Soul Strike – 80% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge. This is a great weapon swap item for energy shield builds.


Decoy Totem – taunts nearby monsters to attack it. This reduces the likelihood of getting hit from Izaro.
Devouring Totem – regenerates 30-299 life per corpse consumed. This is useful for trap navigation.
Stone Golem – regenerates 33-105 life. This is useful for trap navigation.
Enduring Cry – regenerates 48-394 life per second. This is useful for trap navigation.
Arctic Armor – gives 8% to 13% fire and physical damage reduction. This helps mitigate Izaro’s physical damage as well as help deal with furnace traps.
Vitality – regenerates 0.7-1.65% life per second. This is Useful for Trap Navigation.
Temporal Chains – Cursed enemies are (20-29)% slower. This is helpful to make it easier to avoid Izaro’s attacks by making his animations slower.
Enfeeble – Cursed enemies have (18-37)% reduced Accuracy Rating, Cursed enemies have 25% reduced Critical Strike Chance, Cursed enemies deal (21-30)% less Damage, Cursed enemies have -(21-30)% to Critical Strike Multiplier

Movement Skills

Lighting Warp
Blink Arrow
Leap SLam

These 3 movement skills are the best simply due to the fact that you can completely jump over traps and not get damaged. Other movement skills are good as well, just not as efficient.

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