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  1. With the changes to enchants/transfigured gems I’ll be updating some of the pages on the site when I get time and more information is released. I plan on league starting a lab runner (3.22 build on lab build page will still work) as always and will be spending extra time in the lab to get a feel for the changes.
    For those interested in my opinion take it with a grain of salt as I am bias and genuinely like lab. I’m excited for the changes; I expect the change to gem quality, 20q flip recipe, rarity of new gems, rarity of better gem rewards from lab and the change to heist blueprints to add up and still make lab good. Losing boot enchants does suck though

    Length (not counting Izaro rooms): Long, 9 rooms
    Darkshrines: Ok, 9 rooms all main path but long
    Keys: Bad, 11 rooms, 2 side rooms
    Izaro (Dual Sowrds): Both Essenes (dangerous) and Conduits (dangerous) give Izaro elemental damage

    Personal recommended route:

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