1. Chris got resupplied with his crack and the devs are smokin it up again!

    Gotta love how much shit that Chinese sell out money can get ya.

  2. In the JSON file room 3 and 4 have their extra POIs reversed. The JSON file lists room 4 with the silver key and room 3 with(out) the decorative chest. The important parts are correct, however (darkshrine and Argus).

  3. Length: Short
    Darkshrines: Good
    Gauntlets/puzzle: Perfect
    Full run: Bad, due to side rooms and backtracking
    Izaro: Very Dangerous. Charge disruptors give Izaro attack speed and damage, the cold lieutenant can cast a reflect aura.

    Key Route: 1-2-3-5-6-7-10-11-14-15-16 or you can do room 12 if the first 3 gauntlets/puzzle give you 2 treasure keys. Gives 3-4 gauntets/puzzles, 2-3 darkshirnes, 0-1 silver door and Argus.

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