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Hidden Darkshrines

Throughout the lab there will be areas that lead to dead ends that contain a hard to see lever that open secret rooms. You can see the secret room outlined on the minimap. These secret rooms contain darkshrines. Interacting with a darkshrine will apply a special effect to the player, Izaro or the labyrinth itself. Darkshrine affects are randomized, meaning you won’t always get the same effect. You can have more than one darkshrine effect active but you cannot have the same darkshrine more than once per run. Below is a list of the darkshrines, darkshrine effects and images of the hidden switches in the labyrinth.

Hidden darkshrines

Chat Text Darkshrine Effect
Be twice blessed A player will receive an additional use of the divine font
To the worthy go the spoils Izaro will drop an additional Unique Items on Death
Discover what lies within Izaro will drop 1 additional Treasure Keys on Death
Movement ceases, tension mounts Labyrinth traps are disabled in the aspirant’s trial
Death Doesn’t wait Gain a permanent shrine effect for the entire lab
The heart quickens, the blood thickens 50% reduced Damage Taken from Hits from Labyrinth Traps

50% reduced effectiveness of Damage over Time Debuffs from Labyrinth Traps on Players
A portal to Izaro appears A portal will open that will take the player to the next aspirant’s trial