Trading – POEAPP
Trading – POETrade
Trading – Path of Exile Trade
Trading – POE Rates
Quick Pricing – POE Ninja
Pricing Tabs – POE Prices
Price History – POE Antiquary
Trade Helper – POE Trade Helper
Trade Program – Acquisition
Trade Program – Procurement


The Offical POE Wiki
The POE Database
POE Reddit Forum
Offical POE Forum
Daily Labyrinth Layouts
Stats on POE Players
Map Information – POE Atlas
Map Information – Path of Maps
Random Informational – POE Wizard
Affixes – POE Affix
Essence Affixes – POE Craft
Vorici Calculator
Currency Guide – Currency Guide

Character Planning:

Full Character Planner – Path of Building
Online Skill Tree – Rivsoft’s Offline Skill Tree
Online Skill Tree – POE Planner
Offline Skill Tree – Emmitt’s Offline Skill Tree Planner
Aura Calculator – Mikelat’s Aura Calculator
Build Browser – Tim Tips




Private (custom) league indexer – PoELeague
Loot Filter Customizer – Filter Blade
Loot Filter Customizer – Filter Blast
Loot Filter Guide – POE Wiki Filter Guide
List of all Unique Items – POE Forums
POE Reddit Discord Channel – INVITE
Customizable Atlas – Github Customization Atlas
Controller Guide for POE – POE Forums
Guide to Maps – Gilded Cage’s Map Guide
GGG Post Tracker – GGG Tracker
MTX Finder Coffee Talk Podcast – Coffee Talk
Podcast – Baeclast

Approved 3rd Party Tools:

Trade Helper – Mercury Trade
Trade Helper – POE Trade Companion

Trade Pricer – POE Trade Macro
Log Out Macro with Trade Features – Lutbot
Labyrinth Navigator – POE Compass
Calculates Player Worth – Currency Cop

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