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Useful Links and 3rd Party Tools

These are most of the tools that one may need.


Wiki for all things Path of Exile.

POE Wiki

Everything and anything Path of Exile can be found here.

POE Database

Gilded Cage provides a nice and detailed layout for all things maps.

Map Guide

POECraft provides a detailed atlas with a sextant planner.



Best place to find all the Path of Exile Streamers in the Community


Best place for socializing and keeping up with current news/events.

POE Subreddit

GGG Tracker keeps track of all posts from GGG staff members

GGG Tracker


POE.Trade is the #1 site for trading/selling.


POE.Ninja provides a quick and easy way to find prices on almost anything.


POEPrices can price check an item or an entire stash tab.


This macro brings POEtrade directly in-game

POETrade Macro

Poeapp is much like poetrade – websockets and all! Definitely check out their trading stats page. Refer to for an intro to more of the site’s features. is insanely insightful. Get in depth stats for tons of items, across various leagues, and – cooler, still – various time frames. Check it out, for sure.


Filter Blade allows you to customize your POE Loot Filter.

Filter Blade

PoI lets users paste item info into a textbox, which then generates a summary for the item. This helps users quickly identify the min/max rolls of an item; and helps with easy HYBRID-mod identification. Check em out at

Path of Info

MercuryTrade is a tool to make traders’ lives much simpler. Click the button below, to find it on github. Here’s a link to the associated reddit thread and its youtube video(s), as well.


Character Planning

Mana Reservation Aura Calculator is a nice tool to calculate your total mana reservation when character planning.

Aura Calculator

Path of Building provides an expert leveled offline character planner.

Path of Building

This is primarily used to calculate the best way to color items using chromatic orbs.

Chromatic Calculator

POE.Affix provides a list of every mod in the game and their tiers. This is very useful for crafting.


Emmitt’s offline skill tree planner is a great way to plan your skill tree.

Offline Skill Tree Planner

Did you lose your MTX somewhere? This tool will help you find it!

MTX Finder

Pod Casts

Coffee Talk

Nugi and Mors have been around a long time. Their podcast is joyful, yet intricate. This is definitely a must watch.

Coffee Talk

TarkeCat brings lots of big faces to the cast to make this one a fun thrilled ride for everyone.

Poe Talk

ThePaleoGamer brings community members in to talk about such things as the economy, upcoming content, and much more.

Poe Talk