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What’s up Exiles – Good news! POELab.com’s stability/up-time issues seem to be a thing of the past. Naturally, we’ll most likely be ironing out a few kinks/links here and there; but as of right now and the foreseeable future, nothing should be taking place that is serious enough to jeopardize the site’s ability to deliver the images and services you’re seeking on a daily basis. Phew!

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your continued support, as well as bearing with us, as the website underwent some necessary changes. 

Since late April of 2016, we’ve consistently delivered the content you’re looking for, each and every day – without fail – excluding the infrequent hiccups stemming from technical issues. Should such issues ever arrive again in the future for any reason, be sure to swing by one of the runners’ stream/twitch channels, where any one of them will be glad to fill any/all viewers in on any current situation that may be occuring. They begin streaming each day when masters and labs reset; thus, the hour following the reset is likely the best time to swing by and see what’s up. 

That being said, its business as usual – we’ll be continuing our services, as well as working on some new ideas, as we’ve mulled over our various forms of feedback. If you guys think of any other ways we can better assist your farming needs – as usual – feel free to contact us via contact form or live chat in twitch. Thanks again, and happy farming!