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POE Talk

Key Farming

Want to obtain maximum keys? 

To learn how to increase your treasure keys, click “Key Farming,” 

below to watch a short video.

Key Farming

Recently Uploaded Layouts: The most recently updated layouts can be found here.

Not sure how to read Today's Layout?

Click HERE to watch a brief video, explaining how to read the daily layouts. 

Content Cycle

Daily Labyrinth Information/content resets daily at the same time that The Forsaken Masters reset (7PM Central/8PM Eastern).

Runners and Layouts

Runners begin exploring daily labyrinths once reset has occurred. If they are streaming, you can watch them discover the content live via Twitch. To access a list of runners’ streams, Click here.

Posted Layouts

New Layouts should be posted within the hour after Labyrinths and Forsaken Masters reset (see “Recently Uploaded Layouts,” on this page, below).

Labyrinth Videos

For helpful videos with tips about the labyrinth, content, and more, feel free to swing by the YouTube Channel. Here you can browse the videos that cover what’s on your mind. Get there, by clicking here.