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What makes a “Good” Labyrinth?

We get this question quite often! “Good” is a very loose term, no two builds are identical. Every build performs differently. Knowing what is good and what to look for in The Labyrinth can make all the difference when it comes to farming or completing your Ascendancy.

The Phases

When looking for a “good” labyrinth, the first thing to notice are The Phases.
Some phases make Izaro very difficult to fight, resulting in more deaths. Others can be easily handled. Try to stay away from The Charge Disruptors and Gargoyles

The Length

The second thing to look for is the length of the labyrinth. The shortest labyrinth possible is 6 rooms. Typically 8 or less is a good recommendation for a quick labyrinth run.

Darkshrines, Guantlets, and Puzzles

The last thing to look at are the darkshrines, guantlets, and puzzles. These can be very profitable when running the labyrinth. You want to make sure that you are able to grab as many as possible without having to go too far out of your way to make the lab longer for yourself. Argus along the way is a major plus too!

Example Labyrinth

Below is an example of a relatively good labyrinth. It is 7 rooms long with 4 darkshrines, 3 gauntlets/puzzles and Argus along the main path. While the Idols phase requires players to wait in order to get an extra key, the Izaro fight is easy as none of the phases directly give Izaro damage. All together the labyrinth is short, Izaro is easy, and Argus as well as the majority of the gauntlets, puzzles and darkshrines are along the main path.