1. Escort Gauntlet
2. Trap Gauntlet
3. Switch Puzzle
4. Floor Puzzle



Within the Labyrinth, you can find extra objectives. Sometimes these can be worth going out of your way for the rewards and are completely optional. These objectives range from trap gauntlets to puzzles. Taking the time with these extra objectives will reward the player with either a labyrinth trove or an extra treasure key in a curious lockbox. For solutions to these puzzles check the puzzle solutions page


Escort Gauntlet

The objective of this gauntlet is to “escort” the totem to the end of its track to unlock the reward. The player will need to stay within the glowing circle to allow the totem to move. Once inside, the totem will start moving slowly and monsters will begin to spawn. If the player leaves the circle, the totem will begin moving backwards. This gauntlet is relatively easy but takes time to complete.

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Trap Gauntlet

There are extra side areas that contain a reward. These rewards are guarded by a series of traps and dangers. These can be profitable for the player, but at the cost of increase risk of death. These trap gauntlets are much shorter than other trap sections found in The Labyrinth

Switch Puzzles

There are a couple of different versions of Switch Puzzles.

The Door Switch Puzzle

The Door Switch Puzzle has a couple of variations, each one having a different number of switches. The objective for this puzzle is to flip the switches in the right order so that they open all of the doors leading to the treasure.

The 4 Switch Puzzle

The 4 switch puzzle is relatively easy and has 2 different versions. In the gear version, the player will have to get all 6 of the small gears to spin. This may take a couple of tries to figure out, but does not take long.



The 5 Switch Puzzle

The 5 switch puzzle is  probably the easiest one that the player will encounter. There is only 1 solution to this puzzle, hitting each switch in sequential order clockwise or counter-clockwise .


The 8 Font Switch Puzzle

The font switch puzzle involves interacting with fonts that will either open or close themselves and in order to unlock the reward all fonts must be closed. The gear switch puzzle involves hitting switches in order to make 6 gears move and unlock the reward.





Floor Puzzle

The Floor Puzzle looks complicated, but it is quite easy! This puzzle involves stepping on the tiles in a specific order.

Right outside of the Floor Puzzle Room, there is a set of tiles on the ground by the locked door. To open, the player will have to step on the tiles starting from the furthest from the door. The pattern in which opens the door, is the same pattern that the player will have to use to traverse through the puzzle. If the wrong tiles are stepped on, spikes will shoot out in all directions. DO NOT freak out if you step on the wrong tiles. Most people will freak out and stop on more wrong tiles which will shoot more poison darts across the puzzle. Please keep in mind that the combination can change from Labyrinth to Labyrinth.

In this example, the player would step on the yellow lightning tile first followed by the blue ice tile. The pattern for that puzzle we would say: yellow/blue/red/blue.



In this example, the pattern is Red/Yellow/Blue and this is how you would traverse through the puzzle.



Video Explanation

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