During these On the first two encounters, you will take on one of the eight mechanics/phases. Each one presents its own additional challenge to the Izaro fights. Destroying/disabling them correctly will prevent you from seeing them in the remaining Izaro fights. Below, you’ll find a summary table conveying important details for each of them.

Charge Disruptors
Izaro will gain charges throughout the encounter granting him bonuses to damage, speed, and defense. 
How to Deactivate: Click on the Disruptor to dispel charges from Izaro.
Extra Key: Izaro must have at least 10 charges.
Trinket: Cogs of Disruption
Izaro Quote: Complex machinations converge to a single act of power.

While active, the statues provide Izaro with increased damage to the corresponding element.
How to Deactivate: Click on the conduits to deactivate them. Conduits will reactivate after some time
Extra Key: DO NOT CLICK.
Trinket: Cube of Absorption
Izaro Quote: When one defiles the effigy one defiles the emperor.

Elemental Essence
Each Essence grants additional damage, resistance, and chance of applying an elemental status ailment of their respective element once they bond with Izaro
How to Deactivate: Kill the golems.
Extra Key: DO NOT KILL.
Trinket: Orb of Elemental Dispersion
Izaro Quote: The essence of an empire must be shared equally among all of its citizens.

Each Gargoyle grants bonuses to Izaro similar to Basalt, Granite, and Quicksilver flasks.
How to Deactivate: Kill the Gargoyles. The gargoyles are very tough but are vulnerable when connected to Izaro via green beam.
Extra key: DO NOT KILL
Trinket: Heart of The Gargoyle.
Izaro Quote: Some things that slumber should never be awoken.

Each Font curses the player with one of the following curses: Vulnerability, Temporal Chains, and Elemental Weakness
How to deactivate: Kill the Fonts.
Extra Key: DO NOT KILL.
Trinket: Rod of Detonation
Izaro Quote: It is the sovereign who empowers the scepter. Not the other way round.

Once Idols reach full life, they cast Fire, Cold, and Lightning beacons. These beacons explodes dealing elemental damage, similar to the Bearers Bloodlines Mod.
How to Deactivate: Do not let the Idols gain full life. The Idols cannot be killed but can be damaged to prevent them from gaining full life
Extra key: MUST let all gain full life
Trinket: Sand of Eternity
Izaro Quote: Slowness lends strength to one’s enemies

Each Lieutenant buffs Izaro with Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage. WARNING: The cold lieutenant can cast a reflect aura that will expire after a few seconds. During this time it is best to avoid attacking the lieutenant.
How to Deactivate: Kill the lieutenants
Extra Key: DO NOT KILL
Trinket: Bane of the Loyal
Izaro Quote: An emperor is only efficient as those he commands.

Each Portal continuously summons Skeletal Mages that deal Fire, Cold, and Lightning Damage.
How to Deactivate: Kill the Portals.
Extra Key: DO NOT KILL
Trinket: Portal Shredder.
Izaro Quote: The Emperor beckons and the world attends.

Phase 3 Traps

With the presence of the first two phase, the third fight introduces a combination of traps in the final boss room. For more information on traps check out the traps and trials page here

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