8 Switch Puzzle


Cheat Sheet

Thank you to -aRTY- on reddit for making the cheat sheet and allowing us to post it here.



The numbers on the following images indicate the order in which you click on the switches. The number 1 being the first switch followed by 2 then 3 etc. .
The images are in the starting position for each puzzle.

On the top right of each puzzle there are white dots. These indicate if a switch is empty or full.
A dot with an “x” indicates the switch is full, no “x” means the switch is empty.
It is possible for a switch puzzle to be rotated so if you see a configuration not listed it may be rotated.

5 Switch Puzzle

There is ONLY 1 solution for this puzzle! Click either clockwise or counter-clockwise on consecutive fonts.

4 Switch with Gears Puzzle

This should be rather easy to just click around until you find the right solution. The objective is to have all 6 gears turning simultaneously.

Switch with Doors Puzzle

This should be rather easy to just click around until you find the right solution. The objective is to open all 4 doors to clean the path to the reward.

Floor Switch Puzzle

Watch How to do the floor puzzle from SuitSizeSmall on www.twitch.tv

You MUST follow the pattern located on the floor outside the puzzle room. Step on these switches furthest from the door to the closest one. This will open the door and is the combination for this puzzle. Be sure that the pressure switches are being triggered and remember, you cannot trigger switches diagonally, only the adjacent ones.


  1. The video for the puzzle I need isn’t working on this site. Fortunately, the explanation below it was detailed enough to get me through. Thank you very much for the effort of putting this site together, it has helped me greatly so far.

  2. I finally figured out how to open the door, which in the end was a bad thing because I then trying to figure out the pattern on the floor and I died, and I am fairly sure I tried the pattern from outside the door but maybe I did step diagonally doing it. Also, a shame that the solution has disappeared, would be cool if someone would care to reset it. I know POE is old and stuff but man I finally get here and I die, OK, maybe I should just finish the puzzle and try again later. Thanks for doing this.

  3. On the first set of lab puzzle with two switches both doors are locked i have tried every variable and can’t get them open what am I missing?

  4. Just want to say, why is the solution picture a circle ?! it makes no sense. I dont know if this is old and outdated , but either remove it or fix it. I spent way to much time looking for a solution thats either not here or just not obvious. And nobody wants to stay in lab for longer than they have to.

    • Yeah, I also got confused by the circle diagram and also wasted time trying the pictures on the right for the 8-switch. The interactive solver, however, is superb and helped me solve the puzzle in seconds once I realised it was clickable… Not sure any of the rest of the content is required or helpful – just highlight that thing IS interactive and you should use it.

  5. Holy shit i can’t believe i got the 8 switch puzzle done on the first try, thanks to this guide. The puzzle configuration was rotated so I’m glad you mentioned that in the notes. You guys are fucking awesome! thank you for such a great guide and for all of the work you put in to setting up daily labyrinth room notes.

  6. It is in reality a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What if the 5 switch puzzle ISN’T all open? Once it gets messed up your help isn’t any help at all. How to solve it once it’s become messed up?

    • I made the mistake of clicking one before realizing there were multiple numbers of switch puzzles. I still solved it by just clicking counter-clockwise. There were 3 engaged switches when I began the solution.

    • I guress i’m one of the rare few that liks to hang out in the labs. So much so that if yoiu leave an area long enough it resests 8 to 15 minutes like your portals in acts1-10.. Let the room reset and the puszzle resets.

  8. I love the site honestly. But I really am curious about the switch solutions. You detail two states. Activated/full and Deactivated/empty. But then you go on to state a switch can be open or closed. So does open mean activated? Deactivated? The switch puzzle cannot be done when you introduce a third variable and then do not give it a name, a purpose. Honestly tho, why bother explaining in such detail about the puzzles but then give me no chance to complete them?

    • Open meant empty/deactivated and closed meant full/activated. However to avoid the confusion I edited the page and it should state empty/full instead of open/closed. Thanks for pointing that out hopefully the changes help.

  9. FK this sh´t i can´t even get to the second trial with my deadeye cause of those stupid nonending traps those PoE dev bastards should just go get rekt by there traps themself…… wasted already 13 tributs for this sh……

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