UnchainedLive For those who like the entertainment and wish to support the channel feel free to donate by clicking above. You can either donate to the stream or to the charity (Save the Children’s Fund). Donating 1$ or more will allow you to play any song you wish that’s available on youtube. I am a […]

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ThePaleoGamer I typically stream after 8:00 pm until 11:30 pm EST at least 4 days a week on work days and on days off any time after midnight. Case – Coolermaster Haf-920 GPU – Nvidia GTX 980ti hybrid series CPU – Intel Core I7-5820k Mobo – Gigabyte GA-A97x-UD5H Memory – Corsair 32 gigs DDR4-2400 mhz […]

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Chat rules & Information: Be respectful towards each other. Don’t be overly confrontative or seek out/cause drama. Respect and accept any decisions made by the mods. Do not argue against them. No politics or religion discussions, unless I bring it up. Don’t talk negatively about any other streamers. You are welcome to share links as […]

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Suitsizesmall’s Stream

This is for your post: SuitSizeSmall Chat Rules Try not to back seat game Don’t be rude Ask for permission to post links No spamming About Me Currently going to college. I stream as a hobby/whenever I have time. Mostly play Path of Exile. Main runner of POELAB I am one of the main […]

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What To Expect From Uber Lab Farming & How To Make The Most Of It by LiftingNerdBro

In this video, Suitsizesmall, POELAB and I go over the what a player should expect from farming uber lab, how to turn the biggest profit and various tips and tricks to make it easier. Links: POELAB Suitsizesmall’s Twitch POELab’s Youtube Build suggestions: Norse’s EQ slayer: POE Forums Varcarian’s Bladevortex: Youtube Video Lifting’s Bow Blade Vortex: […]

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How To Get Started With Uber Lab Farming – The Basics! by LiftingNerdBro

Published on Mar 5, 2017 In this video, PaleoGamer and myself go over the basics of what you need to know in order to get started with farming Uber lab. Links: POELAB ThePaleoGamer’s Twitch ThePaleoGamer’s Youtube Build suggestions: Norse’s EQ slayer: POE Forums Varcarian’s Bladevortex: Youtube Video Twitch ► Lifting_ Twitter ► LiftingNerdBro Facebook ► […]

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