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The Lord’s Labyrinth was built by Emperor Izaro a couple of hundred years ago as a way to find a successor to his throne. To be worthy to enter that challenge, one had to first pass through a series of trials throughout the world. Completing each of those six trials successfully then granted access to the labyrinth.

This Labyrinth is a dungeon style map that has daily generated layouts, puzzles, and prizes that are all guarded by the final boss, Izaro. The player will have to face him 3 separate times when traversing the Labyrinth. There are no portals, so if you die, you will have to start completely over.



Each of the 7 characters has different options to Ascend to. Ascending increases the players abilities and strengths. You must complete The Lord’s Labyrinth in order to achieve Ascendancy, the player’s main reward. This can be done in the last room, The Treasure Room, by interacting with the Alter of Ascendancy. The Normal Labyrinth will allow the player to pick their Ascendancy and grant 2 Ascendancy Points. Each other Labyrinth will grant 2 more Ascendancy Points giving a total of 8 points.

Trials of Ascendancy

Each Labyrinth can be accessed once all of the Trials of Ascendancy have been completed for that difficulty. Once the trials are completed, the player may access the Labyrinth in Act 3, The Sarn Encampent. The Eternal Labyrinth requires an Offering of The Goddess to open. These are found at the end of the Eternal Trials that are randomly found in maps.A complete list of all trials can be found HERE.



 Each trial is presented with a series of traps. These help prepare the player for the dangers that lie ahead. A complete list of traps can be found HERE.



Izaro is the creator and protector of The Lord’s Labyrinth. He is the final boss. More information regarding Izaro can be found HERE.

Puzzles and Gauntlets

The Labyrinth contains many Puzzles and Gauntlets. These contain various treasures. More information about this can be found HERE.



Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for running The Labyrinth can be found HERE.


Understanding Our Images

Now that you understand more about The Labyrinth and how it works, let’s talk about how to read the images that we provide. We map out all 4 Labyrinths everyday at the same time, right after the server reset. They all use the same layout and legend.


This image is our Legend. This is very important to understand in order to be able to read out images. The most important thing to understand is how the exits work. When entering a room in The Labyrinth, picture the overall map of that room being a circle. Most of the time you start at the bottom/south of the circle. Most of the exits are at the top left or top right of the room. This is indicated with the small blue circle at the top part of the room circle located on The Lab map.

lab note sample


Here is a short video explanation of how to read the images.

Engineering Eternity gives the best breakdown of what The Labyrinth is and all the aspects of it.

Be sure to check him and his amazing POE guides out! Twitch and Youtube We highly suggest checking out some of his videos if you are new to POE.

Lifting Nerd Bro does a great job explaining how to farm The Labyrinth effectively.

Be sure to check him out and some of his other videos. Youtube/Twitch


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  1. The point of the Ascendancy is the Ascendancy itself. The points affect gameplay outside of the Labyrinth, so the Ascendancy points are considered part of any build. Creating a build on a character without considering Ascendancy would result in either wasted or unoptimized passive skill tree point usage. As a game focused on optimization and eaking out every point of efficiency and damage, every point matters, and the Ascendancy is thus something to very much consider. Like, I COULD do an elemental caster build on a Ranger character, but a Witch would be a more optimal choice due to her Elementalist Ascendancy.

  2. There are also those “dots” on the areas sometimes, instead of a key or a door, there’s a circle – that shows that there is a “helper item” in that area, like a rod or something that helps you pass the fight with the boss easier. I just wanted to say that, since i didn’t find it anywhere in the site.

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