1. Length: Medium
    Darkshrines: Bad, 9 rooms, 1 side rooms
    Key route: Bad, 10 rooms, 2 side room
    Full run: Bad, 11 rooms, 3 side room
    Izaro (Dual Swords): Conduits (Dangerous) give Izaro elemental damage, Portals (Safe)

    My personal recommended route:

    • Or they don’t provide enough information. Like cost, key items, leveling guide. I don’t really know how to level a blade vortex char once you get to act 6.

      • If you want a safer build, Bladestorm Gladiator is reasonably fast and has crazy high regen… If I was purely running lab I’d buy 7 league boots to cut down my times by a lot(currently no movement speed on boots) but they are never more than 10 mins with just leap slam.

    • I run them with an SRS necromancer. Works pretty safe, Izaro and Argus go down quickly and with no risk, and if traps are spooky, you can either stack on ES for extra safety, or wear a devouring diadem and use desecrate for topping up life pretty much whenever you need it.

      Not the fastest build, generally I do 10-12 minute runs, but probably the safest I’ve felt while doing lab runs.

    • My Toxic Rain build on the build page still works. It is unchanged with the current patch so the old PoB still works. I used it as a league starter and am still using to make lab notes. Built it for roughly 130c within the first week.

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